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These are the World’s Smartest Cat Breeds

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]ats can be cuddly, ferocious, sneaky, and fun. But did you know certain breeds can be exceptionally intelligent as well?

Check out our list of the world’s ten smartest cat breeds!

The World’s Ten Smartest Cat Breeds

Some breeds on this list of the smartest cat breeds may surprise you. They’re borderline geniuses!

Don’t worry if your favorite breed is low on the list– this list is not in ranking order. We just couldn’t choose which one of these smartest cat breeds was the smartest.

10. Bengal

Bengal Cat
Photo by Aleksandr Kashin

Who doesn’t love these svelte puma-like cats? Bengal cats are highly desirable and some fans of these little leopard-looking domestic cats pay well over $50,000 for the purest breed. They can be seen in fashion and are loved by many celebrities as well.

Bengals aren’t just one of the smartest cat breeds ever, they are also as close to hypoallergenic as a cat can get. But Bengal cats aren’t just incredibly beautiful, they are also crazy smart.

The biggest part of the Bengal cat’s intelligence is definitely its ability to easily learn tricks, something that can be difficult or impossible to get many breeds of cat to do.

Bengal cats also don’t seem too worried about not having thumbs. Notorious for switching off lights, playing with household technology, and snatching bugs, fish, and mice with a simple swoop of their paw, Bengal cats need owners who are prepared to live with an ultra-intelligent animal with extremely dexterous paws.

Invest in getting them a cat tree and other cat furniture to ensure they can climb around with their powerful paws.

Bengal cats also aren’t afraid of water, either– some Bengals have even sailed the seas! You should be prepared to have a guest follow you into the shower daily if you adopt a Bengal cat. Keep the lid on your fish tank secure, too.

9. Abyssinian

Abyssinian Cat
Photo by Valerius Geng

Abyssinians, with their sleek bodies, large ears, and Egyptian-like eyes, are very much loved by cat enthusiasts.

These cats typically don’t end up being lazy housecats, either. The super active elegant Abyssinian likes to play, learn tricks, and study the things around them. This includes you as well.

Abyssinian cats are very good at people watching and can figure out how to manipulate their owner’s behavior to get what they want. This makes them one of the smartest cat breeds out there when it comes to cognitive activity.

The key to the Abyssinian’s intelligence is its exceptional non-verbal communication. This breed typically isn’t loud, and they want to communicate through affection and play time.

Abyssinians are also leash trainable. They are willing to learn just about anything to get outside and explore the world with you.

8. Siamese

Siamese Cat
Photo by Martin Bahmann

These beautiful classic cats love to vocalize. A lot. Sometimes, their vocalizing borders on screaming at you– this is known as the Siamese Wail.

Despite being so yelly, Siamese cats are actually very affectionate and incredibly smart.

Their talkative nature and love for socializing with everybody makes the Siamese cat one of the most socially intelligent cats around.

On top of that, Siamese cats love to play with puzzle toys and keep their minds busy, so much so that not supplying your Siamese cat with enough toys may leave them feeling understimulated. If you don’t want something in your house destroyed or a noise complaint from your neighbors, it may be best to get a buddy for your Siamese cat.

7. Burmese

Burmese Cat
Photo by Ollie Harridge

The sweet Burmese is a cat breed known for its trustfulness, friendliness, and long life span. An ancestor of the Siamese, Burmese cats love to chat without getting too screamy. They are up there as one of the smartest cat breeds along with the Siamese.

This cute little chocolate-colored cat breed is also very intelligent as well. Burmese cats are exceptional at learning about the world around them, making them more inclined to explore instead of being scared.

Burmese cats are emotionally intelligent in ways that may cats are not. This cat breed is known for being able to read the moods of their owners and become incredibly attached to people and other animals– if you are thinking about adopting a Burmese cat, you will definitely need to have a partner around for them.

Burmese cats get lonely and bored very easily, so having a buddy around for them and making daily time for some serious play action will definitely improve the Burmese’s quality of life.

Burmese love to perform in front of people to get attention and can learn tricks as well.

6. The Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold
Photo by Richard Blom

These flop-eared cats sort of permanently look startled, but we can assure you the Scottish Fold cat is far from skittish and is also one of the smartest cat breeds out there.

This easily recognizable cat is very emotionally intelligent and sometimes may think it is a human being. The Scottish Fold cat likes to sit in unusual positions similar to a human, will watch television and films with you, and will follow you around to study your behaviors.

The Scottish Fold loves to play and really needs a human around or else they will get lonely. A Scottish Fold would appreciate being a family cat.

Toys that have puzzle qualities are a favorite of this breed, as well as cardboard boxes. Maru the Scottish Fold is known for trying out different sized boxes and weighing his options, similar to how a human would go mattress shopping.

5. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex
Photo by Alexandre Gonçalves

The Cornish Rex may look a little odd with their super short coat, skinny body, and big heads, but you shouldn’t judge this furball by the outside. Cornish Rex cats are one of the smartest cat breeds around and also one of the most affectionate and fun-loving, too.

These cats are high energy, without a doubt. They will do whatever they must to engage in some kind of activities with humans, other cats, and even dogs.

They love a good puzzle game and actually thrive on learning tricks. Bonafide attention hogs, Cornish Rex cat love a good combination of attention, playtime, holding time, and snuggles.

This cat breed is great at communication, both verbal and non-verbal, and knows just what to say or do to get your attention.

They are also exceptional at adapting to new surroundings, so this breed may be ideal for travelers.

Because the Cornish Rex has such minimal fur, they are also much warmer than most cats– making them great lap buddies in cold winter months.

4. Singapura

Singapura Cat
Photo by Wikipedia user

The Singapura cat is a beautiful silvery doe-eyed breed known for being a small genetic combination of the Abyssinian cat and the Burmese cat. However, these little buddies are dense with a lot of energy.

The Singapura is very socially intelligent and will use their agility, intelligence, and cuteness to get as much attention as possible. Their above-average intelligence matches their above-average personalities, too.

Singapura’s are often unfairly labeled as “pesky”. While they are very needy cats, this is only because they thrive on bonds made with their owners and are very loving cats.

If you want one of the smartest cat breeds around and you have attention to spare or possibly a big family, a Singapura would be the social butterfly to light up your life.

3. Persians

Persian Cat
Photo by SONSUA

This entry may surprise you. Persian cats seem like they’re all looks and no brain, especially with that squished face and kind of vapid look in their eye.

However, a Persian cat’s beauty isn’t all it has going for it. In addition to having confidence in knowing how beautiful they are, Persians are also confident in their learning and training skills.

Persian cats can be very receptive and responsive to human word learning, and they are good at understanding sound association. A Persian will be able to learn “no” and “come here” pretty easily.

Persians are also very sensitive and cautious– you don’t have to worry about your Persian darting out into danger. These cats rarely attempt to make a break for it and are content with their current living situation.

These cats will usually peek around a corner to assess the situation instead of running straight to the front door when you come home.

However, this doesn’t mean the Persian isn’t affectionate. In fact, the Persian cat loves to be held and coddled. They’re just smart enough to know how to keep themselves safe first.

2. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora
Photo by Utsiny

The Turkish Angora is a snowy white fluffball with intelligence to match its physical beauty.

Turkish Angoras are very alert cats and very strong-willed. These cats seamlessly adapt to households and tend to be very mischievous.

The Turkish Angora can easily learn how to open doors, cabinets, and drawers.

1. Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail Cat
Photo by Jonik

The Japanese Bobtail is a distinct cat breed known for its white and black coat with a stubby little tail and long limbs.

These cats are smart, adaptive, and very active. The Japanese Bobtail can learn tricks like they are nothing and loves a good social challenge. These cats are very acrobatic and are masters of the art of performance.

Did Your Favorite Breed Make The List?

Are you thinking about adopting a breed from our smartest cat breeds list? Tell us about your favorite underrated smart cat breeds in the comments below!

Laurent Jaccard
Laurent Jaccard
As a Bengal cat owner of fifteen years, Laurent writes about his favorite cat breed to share his passion with other owners and enthusiasts. Laurent is a webmaster and graphic designer by profession, photographer and animal lover by heart.