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F1 Bengal Gives His Owners The Best Greeting Ever

[ads1] [dropcap]A[/dropcap] cat can greet their human in a variety of different ways; a small meow, a rub along the legs, a patient little wait by the door or just plain ignore them and wait for the human to come to them. Hydro, the young F1 Bengal, has a unique way to welcome his fur-parents. Hydro starts his routine greeting by climbing up the Lazyboy, perching on the headrest then taking a leap onto the microwave. In his first attempt, he almost misses; maybe he misjudged his distance because he’s just too happy to see his fur-dad come home!

Hydro then jumps down and circles around his owners legs, a sign that says “welcome home, I’ve missed you”. He repeats the routine over again, from the Lazyboy to the microwave and jumps down to the floor, but this time, Hydro demands something more than just pets and cuddles from his fur-dad, he wants his fingers! The little Bengal jumps up and down until he can get a grip on fur-dad’s hand, and he makes it clear that he wants the pinkie finger. Hydro starts to nibble with his mouth, and with his two front paws he grips on to his catch, he then begins to suckle like a little baby with a pacifier.

Kittens tend to suckle or nibble on our fingers when they’re still young. Though it could also be teething, causes can include being separated from mom too early and not being able to nurse anymore. It’s a comfort behavior, typically accompanied with purring, and is usually done when cats feel content, safe and secure. This can be perfectly normal for most kitties. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they were taken away from mom too early. According to ASPCA information online, suckling can also be a sign of compulsive behavior, stress or even just contentment or happiness. It’s a hard behavior to nail down.

Hydro’s owner takes his hand away to show us what lengths his young F1 is willing to go to in order to get what he wants back. For any Bengal owner knows, once our cats find something that piques their interest, it’s game over. Hydro leaps onto the headrest once again to reclaim what is now his; his human’s finger! It just goes to show you what level of comfort we will give up for our fur-baby’s enjoyment. Hydro’s fur-dad is willing to put up with what seems to be a bit more than a mild discomfort to make his fur-baby happy and to share a very cute and loving moment of affection and bonding.

Enjoy this video!

Laurent Jaccard
Laurent Jaccard
As a Bengal cat owner of fifteen years, Laurent writes about his favorite cat breed to share his passion with other owners and enthusiasts. Laurent is a webmaster and graphic designer by profession, photographer and animal lover by heart.