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Iris The Bengal Cat & Popeye The Blind Harbor Seal

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]part from Pip the Otter and Sam the Bengal cat, this is probably one of the most random combination of seafood-loving animals on video. And they both have whiskers and spots! A Bengal cat, on a dock, is helping her owner to feed a one eyed seal.

Popeye is a female harbor seal that has been hanging out every morning at the fuel dock in Friday Harbor, Washington since 1995. Popeye is blind in one eye but she catches fish fine. The fuel dock staff on the harbor has been feeding her every morning for the past 20 years. The Port named her the official seal of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island and in 2005, commissioned a life-sized granite sculpture of her, which stands in Fairweather Park.

Popeye is very spoiled and gets impatient when you do not throw fish. She even starts splashing the water to demand more fish. Most days Popeye catches fish with ease but Iris disturbed her that morning. Iris is purring, playing with the fish, being inquisitive but cautious with the seal. Every time Captain Kruse throws the fish, she runs after it then watches the seal! It couldn’t be more adorable!

Iris is a very lucky Bengal who was born the day of the Super Bowl XLI on February 4, 2007. She’s also very spoiled and has the perfect owner. Captain Kruse is a real world traveler who brings Iris wherever he goes, whether it’s on road trips, in a Cessna 172 or a boat. Iris has probably seen more in one year than most cats have in their 9 lives. Now that’s a jet-setting Bengal kitty!

Laurent Jaccard
Laurent Jaccard
As a Bengal cat owner of fifteen years, Laurent writes about his favorite cat breed to share his passion with other owners and enthusiasts. Laurent is a webmaster and graphic designer by profession, photographer and animal lover by heart.