Bengal Kitten Says Yum Yum Yum While Eating

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] 12-week-old Bengal kitten sounds like he is saying “Om Nom Nom”, “Yum Yum Yum” as he chows down a bowl full of raw meat. Serious cuteness overload. Video starts with the owners making silly meowing noises so skip to 30 seconds if you have a short attention span.

Bengals love to chat… no matter what they’re doing. Some of them can be very vocal and make funny noises while eating. My boy used to do this a lot but now he just howls, squeaks, chirps and make some “noises” that can’t even be described. It’s part of the Bengal charm.

Does your Bengal sing when he eats?


  1. It sounds cute but he is getting frustrated with you. He is being very patient. He looks like he is enjoying his food! Is it beef? Don’t forget to add extra minerals and vitamins to it because it is not a balanced diet if fed alone. You could add “felini” which is a powder you can sprinkle on top.
    He looks like a lovely kitten. xx

  2. Lol anyone else smart enough to realize that the kitten is growling, not saying “yum yum”? As Jan and Alex said, let it eat in peace, it’s annoyed that it is being bothered and therefore growling while eating.