Joann and her Bengal Nyha

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is Nyha, my second Bengal. I found her on a local Craigslist site. The ad was placed two hours before I saw it. I answered right away, even though it wasn’t the best time for me to consider adopting a Bengal cat. Her owners emailed and started communicating with me right away. They liked the fact that I was a previous Bengal owner and all around cat fanatic.

I was very depressed after loosing my Dad and wanted a therapy cat for myself, but I was concerned because I didn’t want to expose a new kitty to my declining mental state. I was seeing a counselor-still am. So, imagine my heart’s desire combating my logical mind. Difficult evening indeed. For some reason, I logged into the ad to read it again. At the time I was thinking about my dad.

Across the screen a message read, “There are No Endings, Only New Beginnings”. What the _? It was winter, snowflakes fell from the words. I backed out of the ad and re clicked. It was gone. But it was there! Nyha is a gift from my dad. I truly believe that. He wanted to make sure I understood.

After meeting her and her family, I was selected. No rehoming fee? Again, I was blown away. She came to my home with her 6 ft tower and heated bed, toys, etc etc. She is now leash trained, loves her kitty stroller… seriously, and is a bright light to me everyday. She has helped me grieve and more importantly, allowed me to love again.


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