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Roxy the Bengal Cat Singing the Blues

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] am a follower on Facebook and wanted to share my video because I think it’s amazing and adorable. This is my husband playing guitar and my Bengal, Roxy singing a song.

Roxy became a member of our family in Sept. 2010. She was given to us by friends who could no longer care for her (they had several pets and two small children and were looking to downsize). We knew she was an exceptionally beautiful cat, smart and affectionate, but we didn’t know she was a Bengal until we took her to her first vet visit. How incredibly lucky for us!!

She’s been the best fur baby we could have asked for. She’s incredibly sweet, unnervingly smart and extremely vocal. We frequently have back and forth “conversations” and she always seems to know when it’s her turn to speak or sing :-). I happened to capture on video a typical night in our house, with Roxy “singing the blues” while my husband, Jim, accompanied her.

We love all animals, but have never looked into any particular breeds of dogs or cats. Having learned more about Bengals, it’s amazing how this knowledge has opened up a whole world for us. We’re incredibly proud and lucky to have her as part of our family.


Laurent Jaccard
Laurent Jaccard
As a Bengal cat owner of fifteen years, Laurent writes about his favorite cat breed to share his passion with other owners and enthusiasts. Laurent is a webmaster and graphic designer by profession, photographer and animal lover by heart.