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A Curious Little Fellow Named Benedict

Our bengal’s name is Benedict. We got him from the Charlotte area of North Carolina and he is about to turn 6 months old here in about a week. We wanted a bengal because of their outgoing personalities as well as their insanely beautiful patterns on their fur.

Life with Benedict is always interesting, there’s always something going on with him unless he’s snoozing. And even then we usually just look at him and laugh because of the position he is sleeping in. He loves to be held by us and always enjoys a good scratch session.

His favorite thing to do has to be playing fetch. We’ve gotten him cat toys and objects to jump on but the item he loves most is just a rolled up ball of paper haha. He brings the ball right back to our feet after he retrieves it and just waits for the next throw.

He’s extremely curious little fellow and always has to be around us and in the mix on what’s going on either in the kitchen or in the living room. One time he sat in front of our tv and watched Star Wars with us for at least 30 minutes (which is impressive for a Bengal). He also loves lap-napping, at any point in the day he’s likely to jump up and nap with you.

Benedict is such a joy to us and we’re excited to watch him grow up to be a big, strong Bengal. We love our Bengal! 🐯

Nate & Court

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Laurent Jaccard

As a Bengal cat owner of fifteen years, Laurent writes about his favorite cat breed to share his passion with other owners and enthusiasts. Laurent is a webmaster and graphic designer by profession, photographer and animal lover by heart.

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