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Suki, The Canadian Hiking Cat Who Loves Adventures

If you haven’t seen pictures of a gorgeous Bengal exploring a fairy tale lake, you’ve probably been living under a rock. The magical photos of this feline adventurer have literally taken social media platforms by storm!

While some domestic cats are content to simply watch the world through the windows, some cats may easily take to a harness and enjoy exploring the great outdoors. Meet this fearless feline who accompany her human on outdoor adventures.

Bengal cat traveling in a backpack
Suki traveling in her U-Pet carrier

Suki, the newest four-legged star of Instagram, has 200,000 followers who love keeping up with her newest adventures along the Canadian countryside. And, frankly, no one is surprised by her large fan base. Suki’s good looks, her owner’s photography skills and the breathtaking scenery of Canada make a winning combination!

As most Bengal cat owners know, this breed is famed for their love of outdoor activities, exploring and positive attitude towards water. It seems that Suki is no different, judging by her fearless canoeing and forest scouting!

I took the opportunity to ask her owner, Martina Gutfreund, to tell us a little bit more about her beautiful Bengal Suki and their adventures.

suki adventures 01

Tell me a bit about yourself and your cat. Why did you choose this breed and Suki in particular?

My partner and I do a lot of hiking and camping together and after our last kitty passed away we decided to get a new kitten. This time around we really wanted to have a pet that we didn’t always have to leave behind on weekends when we go on our trips, I had read up quite a bit on Bengal cats and how they are very high in energy. We knew it could be a handful, but we had to be sure that our new kitty could keep up with our adventures!

Suki when she was a kitten

What is Suki’s behavior like on a walk?

Suki really loves walking on narrow trails and boardwalks, but unfortunately, we always have to go really early before other people hit the hiking trails. Suki LOVES people, and she always has to say hello when she comes across someone on the trail, that means I just end up carrying her so that we can keep moving. That’s something we are still training her with, but she is still a kitten… we have hope! :)

Suki on a Canoe ride

What motivates you the most to go out on hikes with your cat?

Taking Suki on our adventures is SO much fun and she is really easy to travel with! I think people enjoy seeing a kitty break the stereotypes that are usually associated with cats, she is leash trained, loves car rides, goes camping, goes canoeing, loves water, goes hiking, and does just about everything that a dog can do. It’s amazing to see how many people want to take their cats on trips with them despite the funny looks and the odd rude comments. Kitties are capable of a lot more than they have been given credit for! :)

Suki in passenger seat

Do you have a favorite location? What makes it your favorite hike?

We usually travel around Alberta and sometimes in British Columbia. Our adventures mostly include short hikes, canoe rides, and lots of camping. Suki’s favorite hike ever was in Johnston Canyon in Banff, Alberta. Nearly the whole trail consists of boardwalks suspended on cliffs with a rushing river in the canyon below… pretty much her paradise. We are planning on taking her overseas to Europe in the spring if we can afford the trip by that time!

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Suki the Bengal on the road

Any non-obvious must-haves we should be packing for the trail?

Probably the most essential thing I learned early on for her was that she will not drink water on the trail whatsoever. This can be really dangerous on longer hikes or hot days, so I always bring a can of wet food and a small bowl with us. Then I put in a small amount of food and around 2oz. of water mixed in… she drinks it right up! Not every cat will be the same, but it’s a good trick for those that won’t drink water.

suki adventures 07

How do you keep your adventurous cat entertained when you’re not on a hike?

When we are not on road trips, Suki needs to go on daily walks… otherwise she is way too high in energy and tends to play rough. Luckily we live right behind the forest so whenever she gets a little too rowdy I know it’s time for her walk. We started taking Suki outside 1 month after we took her home for the first time (she is 7 months old now), and she adapted so quickly.

Bengal striking a pose at the lake

Cat in photo bag

Suki admiring the view

Suki feels like Simba from the Lion King

Suki enjoying the sunrise at Moraine Lake

Cat hiking In the Canadian meowntains

A nice day for a waterfall hike

Suki's favourite place on the canoe

Watching the sunset at Emerald Lake with my human

Bengal at Lake Louise

Bengal cat enjoying the sunset with his owner

Hiking with a Bengal cat

Bengal kitty surrounded by Mushrooms

Cabin life in Canada

Meowntain views

Bengal cat posing with flowers

Bengal cat at Moraine Lake

Adventures are better shared with cats

Suki soaking in the sunshine

You can follow Suki on her social media accounts: Instagram and Facebook.

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As a Bengal cat owner of fifteen years, Laurent writes about his favorite cat breed to share his passion with other owners and enthusiasts. Laurent is a webmaster and graphic designer by profession, photographer and animal lover by heart.

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